Disney Evaluation

One day I was just scrolling through my Twitter timeline and I saw an advertisement for Disney’s new Cinderella movie. The ad had a video attached to it. This single ad caught my interest so I went to Disney’s twitter and I looked at what types of things they posted. They had pictures from movies with quotes from some of their movies and they were also promoting their movies. It was interesting because the self-promoting wasn’t extremely obvious. One way I would change about their presence online is I would like to see them interact with fans through social media. For instance have people send in pictures with their favorite character or their favorite Disney experience and then the Disney page could retweet or reblog their favorite. It’s just a suggestion. Here’s the link to Disney’s twitter: https://twitter.com/disney


Growing Up.

When I was younger all I wanted to do was grow up, but now that I’m no longer considered a child, all I want to do is reverse the clock and savor the time I had as a kid.

I am at that point in my life where I am no longer a child, but I’m also not fully an adult. There are days where I just want to get out of school and take on the real world and then there are days where I just want to go home and have my parents take care of me.

Most days I sit in my classes and listen to my professors lecture. In some of those classes, I’m hit with the the thought that I don’t fully know what I want to do with my life. During those moments I feel like I don’t have my stuff together. I feel like I’m the only college student that isn’t 100 percent sure of what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I sit in class and I hear people taking about all of these internships they’ve applied for and how they’ll be working over the summer. And I’m just sitting there. I haven’t applied for any internships and I probably won’t be working over the summer. But then I take a moment and I think to myself “Brittany you’re only freshmen. It’s okay not to have everything figured out.”

And that is what I think growing up is about. It’s about being okay with not having everything planned out. It’s also being able to adapt to whatever life throws your way. So inside of freaking out when something doesn’t go your way, take a step back and try to figure out a other way to get what you want.

I hope that made sense.

Growing up is journey. Enjoy every minute of that journey.


You know how you sometimes get that itch you just can’t scratch? Well that’s how I feel when I think about traveling or when I haven’t traveled in a long time. There is so much I want to see! I feel anxious when I think about not being able to explore all of the places I want to go. I remember my first experience traveling out of the country. It was a LIFE changing experience. I got to see six European countries in 20 days! And I haven’t looked at the world the same way since. Before I start adult life, I want to be able to travel. I want to travel before I fall into a mundane routine of waking up and going to work almost every day. I need to smell the enticing aromas of foreign cuisine and feel the absolute bliss of learning about a new culture. I crave the awe inducing moments that come when I finally see something I’ve read about in textbooks with my own eyes. Just thinking about traveling is making me antsy. I’ve always dreamed of going to Italy and I finally got the chance to during the summer. I got to eating authentic Italian food and I got see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Roman Coliseum. I have also gotten the chance to  explore France and Switzerland twice. I got to stand in the Swiss Alps and play in the snow in the middle of June and I’ve been to the top of Eiffel Tower twice. This experiences have just made my appetite for travel insatiable. I never fully understood what wanderlust was until now! It’s an intense feeling that is just so amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever get over my craving and desire to travel. And that’s alright with me!